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Lernliste T.JL 7/6 (Fassung 2009) | JLPT 4 (Rest 3)

ああ [(指示詞)] ;(int) Ah!;Oh!;Alas!;
あいさつ ;(n,vs) greeting;salutation;(P);
間 [あいだ] ;(n) space;room;time;pause;(P);
合う [あう] ;(v5u) to fit;to suit;to agree with;to match;to be correct;to be profitable;(P);
あかちゃん ;(n) baby;infant;(P);
上る [あがる] ;(v5r) to rise;to ascend;to be promoted;to go up;to climb;to go to (the capital);to add up to;to advance (in price);to sail up;to come up (on the agenda);(P);
赤ん坊 [あかんぼう] ;(n) baby;(P);
空く [あく] ;(v5k,vi) (1) to open;to become open;to become empty;(2) to be less crowded;(P);
あげる [(お祝いをあげる)] ;(v1) to lift;to fry;(P);
朝寝坊 [あさねぼう] ;(n,vs) oversleeping;late riser;(P);
味 [あじ] ;(adj-na,n) flavor;taste;(P);
明日 [あす] ;(n-t) tomorrow;(P);
遊び [あそび] ;(n,n-suf) playing;(P);
集る [あつまる] ;(v5r) (1) to gather;to crowd round;to swarm;to flock;(2) to extort from;to sponge off;(P);
集める [あつめる] ;(v1,vt) to collect;to assemble;(P);
謝る [あやまる] ;(v5r) to apologize;(P);
アルバイト ;(de:) (n) part-time job (esp. high school students) (de: Arbeit);(P);
安心 [あんしん] ;(n) (Buddhism) obtaining peace of mind through faith or ascetic practice;
安全 [あんぜん] ;(adj-na,n) safety;security;(P);
あんな ;(adj-na,adj-pn) such;so;that;sort of;(P);
案内 [あんない] ;(n,vs) information;guidance;leading;(P);
以下 [いか] ;(n) less than;up to;below;under;and downward;not exceeding;the following;the rest;(P);
以外 [いがい] ;(n-adv) with the exception of;excepting;(P);
いかが ;(adj-na,adv,n) how;in what way;(P);
医学 [いがく] ;(n) medical science;medicine;(P);
生きる [いきる] ;(v1) to live;to exist;(P);
意見 [いけん] ;(n) opinion;view;(P);
石 [いし] ;(n) volume measure (approx. 180l, 5 bushels, 10 cub.ft);(P);
いじめる ;(v1) to tease;to torment;to persecute;to chastise;(P);
以上 [いじょう] ;(n-adv,n-t) more than;exceeding;greater than;this is all;over;above;and up;beyond;the above-mentioned;since;as long as;the end;(P);
急ぐ [いそぐ] ;(v5g) to hurry;to rush;(P);
致す [いたす] ;(v5s) (hum) to do;(P);
いただく ;(v5k) to receive;to take food or drink (hum);to be crowned with;to wear;to live under (a ruler);to install (a president);to accept;to buy;to take;(P);
一度 [いちど] ;(n-adv) once;one time;on one occasion;
一生懸命 [いっしょうけんめい] ;(adj-na,n-adv,n) very hard;with utmost effort;with all one's might;(P);
いっぱい [(副詞)] ;(adj-na,adv,n) (1) a cup of;a drink;(2) full;(3) to the utmost;up to (one's income);a lot of;much;(P);
糸 [いと] ;(n,n-suf) thread;yarn;string;(P);
以内 [いない] ;(n,n-suf) within;inside of;less than;(P);
田舎 [いなか] ;(gikun) (n) rural;not particularly urban;countryside;suburb;(P);
祈る [いのる] ;(v5r,vi) to pray;to wish;(P);
いらっしゃる ;(v5aru) (hon) to be;to come;to go;(P);
~員 [~いん]
植える [うえる] ;(v1) to plant;to grow;(P);
うかがう ;(v5u,vi,vt) (hon) to visit;to ask;to inquire;to hear;to be told;to implore (a god for an oracle);(P);
受付 [うけつけ] ;(n) receipt;acceptance;reception (desk);information desk;(P);
受ける [うける] ;(v1) to undertake;to accept;to take (lesson, test, damage);to undergo;to experience;to catch (e.g. a ball);to become popular;(P);
動く [うごく] ;(v5k,vi) to move;to stir;to shift;to shake;to swing;to operate;to run;to go;to work;to be touched;to be influenced;to waver;to fluctuate;to vary;to change;to be transferred;(P);
うそ ;(n) lie;falsehood;incorrect fact;inappropriate;(P);
うち [(この二つのうち)] ;(n) inside;
打つ [うつ] ;(v5t) to hit;to strike;(P);
美しい [うつくしい] ;(adj) beautiful;lovely;(P);
写す [うつす] ;(v5s) to film;to transcribe;to duplicate;to reproduce;to trace;to describe;to picture;to photograph;to imitate;(P);
移る [うつる] ;(v5r) (1) to move (house);to transfer (department);(2) to be infected;to be contagious;(P);
腕 [うで] ;(n) (1) arm;(2) skill;(P);
うまい ;(adj) delicious;
裏 [うら] ;(n) reverse side;wrong side;back;undersurface;inside;palm;sole;opposite;rear;lining;last half (of an inning);
売り場 [うりば] ;(adj-no,n) place where things are sold;salesfloor;counter (in shop);(P);
うるさい ;(adj) noisy;loud;fussy;(P);
うれしい ;(adj) happy;glad;pleasant;(P);
うん [(応答)] ;(n) fortune;luck;(P);
運転手 [うんてんしゅ] ;(n) driver;chauffeur;(P);
運転 [うんてん] ;(n,vs) operation;motion;driving;(P);
運動 [うんどう] ;(n,vs) motion;exercise;(P);
エスカレーター ;(n) escalator;(P);
枝 [えだ] ;(n) branch;bow;twig;limb;(P);
選ぶ [えらぶ] ;(v5b) to choose;to select;(P);
遠慮 [えんりょ] ;(adj-na,n,vs) diffidence;restraint;reserve;(P);
おいでになる ;(v5r) (hon) (uk) to be;
お祝い [おいわい] ;(n) congratulation;celebration;(P);
応接間 [おうせつま] ;(n) reception room;(P);
多い [おおい] ;(adj) many;numerous;(P);
大きな [おおきな]
オートバイ ;(n) motorcycle (lit: auto-bi(ke));(P);
オーバー ;(adj-na,n,vs) (1) overcoat;(2) over;exceeding;going beyond;exaggeration;(3) ball hit over the head of an outfielder (baseball);(P);
おかげ ;(n) thanks or owing to;
おかしい ;(adj) (uk) strange;funny;amusing;ridiculous;
億 [おく] ;(num) 100,000,000;hundred million;(P);
屋上 [おくじょう] ;(n) rooftop;(P);
贈り物 [おくりもの] ;(n) present;gift;(P);
送る [おくる] ;(v5r) to send (a thing);to dispatch;to take or escort (a person somewhere);to see off (a person);to spend a period of time;to live a life;(P);
遅れる [おくれる] ;(v1) to be late;to be delayed;to fall behind schedule;(P);
お子さん [おこさん] ;(n) (someone else's) child;
起す [おこす] ;(io) (v5s) to raise;to cause;to wake someone;
行う [おこなう] ;(v5u) to perform;to do;to conduct oneself;to carry out;(P);
怒る [おこる] ;(v5r) (1) to get angry;to get mad;(2) to be angry;(P);
押し入れ [おしいれ] ;(n) closet;(P);
お嬢さん [おじょうさん] ;(n) (1) (hon) daughter;(2) young lady;(P);
お宅 [おたく] ;(n) (pol) your house;your home;you;(P);
落る [おちる]
おっしゃる ;(v5aru) (hon) to say;to speak;to tell;to talk;(P);
音 [おと] ;(n,n-suf) sound;note;(P);
落す [おとす] ;(io) (v5s) to drop;to lose;to let fall;
踊り [おどり] ;(n) dance;(P);
踊る [おどる] ;(v5r) to dance;(P);
驚く [おどろく] ;(v5k) to be surprised;to be astonished;(P);
お祭り [おまつり]
お見舞い [おみまい] ;(n) calling on someone who is ill;enquiry;
お土産 [おみやげ] ;(n) present;souvenir;(P);
思い出す [おもいだす] ;(v5s) to recall;to remember;(P);
思う [おもう] ;(v5u) to think;to feel;(P);
おもちゃ ;(n) (uk) toy;(P);
表 [おもて] ;(n,n-suf) table (e.g. Tab 1);chart;list;(P);
おや [(感動詞)] ;(n) parents;(P);
下りる [おりる] ;(v1) to alight (e.g. from bus);to get off;to descend (e.g. a mountain);(P);
おる [(”いる”の謙譲語)] ;(v5r) to break;to fold;to pick flower;(P);
お礼 [おれい] ;(n) thanking;expression of gratitude;(P);
折れる [おれる] ;(v1,vi,vt) to break;to be folded;to give in;to turn (a corner);(P);
終わり [おわり] ;(n) the end;(P);
~家 [~か]
カーテン ;(n) curtain;carton;(P);
~会 [~かい]
海岸 [かいがん] ;(n) coast;beach;(P);
会議 [かいぎ] ;(n) meeting;conference;session;assembly;council;convention;congress;(P);
会場 [かいじょう] ;(n) assembly hall;meeting place;the grounds;(P);
会話 [かいわ] ;(n) conversation;(P);
帰り [かえり] ;(n) return;coming back;(P);
変える [かえる] ;(v1,vt) to change;to alter;to vary;to convert;to revise;to amend;
科学 [かがく] ;(n) science;(P);
鏡 [かがみ] ;(n) mirror;(P);
~学部 [~がくぶ]
飾る [かざる] ;(v5r) to decorate;to ornament;to adorn;(P);
火事 [かじ] ;(n) fire;conflagration;(P);
ガソリン ;(n) gasoline;petrol;(P);
ガソリンスタンド ;(n) gasoline stand;gas station;(P);
かた [(読み方)] ;(adj-na,n) many;plentiful;
形 [かたち] ;(n) form;shape;figure;type;(P);
片付ける [かたづける] ;(v1) to tidy up;to put in order;to straighten up;to put away;(P);
勝つ [かつ] ;(v5t) to win;to gain victory;(P);
かっこう ;(n) descent (in skiing);
悲しい [かなしい] ;(adj) sad;sorrowful;(P);
必ず [かならず] ;(adv) necessarily;certainly;without fail;positively;invariably;(P);
金持ち [かねもち] ;(n) rich man;(P);
彼女 [かのじょ] ;(n) she;girl friend;sweetheart;(P);
壁 [かべ] ;(n) wall;(P);
かまう [(かまいません)] ;(v5u) to mind;to care about;to be concerned about;(P);
髪 [かみ] ;(n) hair;(P);
かむ ;(v5m) to bite;to chew;to gnaw;(P);
通う [かよう] ;(v5u) (1) to go back and forth;to ply between;(2) to commute;to attend (school, church, etc.);(P);
ガラス ;(n) glass;pane;(P);
彼 [かれ] ;(n) he;boyfriend;(P);
彼ら [かれら] ;(n) they (usually male);(P);
乾く [かわく] ;(v5k,vi) to get dry;(P);
代わり [かわり] ;(n) substitute;deputy;proxy;alternate;relief;compensation;second helping;(P);
変わる [かわる] ;(v5r,vi) to change;to be transformed;to vary;to be revised;to be different;to move location;(P);
考える [かんがえる] ;(v1) to consider;(P);
関係 [かんけい] ;(n,vs) relation;connection;(P);
看護婦 [かんごふ] ;(n) (female) nurse;(P);
簡単 [かんたん] ;(adj-na,n) simple;(P);
がんばる ;(v5r) to persist;to insist on;to stand firm;to try one's best;(P);
気 [き] ;(n) spirit;mood;(P);
機械 [きかい] ;(n) machine;mechanism;(P);
機会 [きかい] ;(n) chance;opportunity;(P);
危険 [きけん] ;(adj-na,n) danger;peril;hazard;(P);
聞こえる [きこえる] ;(v1) to be heard;to be audible;(P);
汽車 [きしゃ] ;(n) train (steam);(P);
技術 [ぎじゅつ] ;(n) art;technique;technology;skill;(P);
季節 [きせつ] ;(n) season;(P);
規則 [きそく] ;(n) rule;regulations;(P);
きっと ;(adv,n) (1) (uk) surely;undoubtedly;certainly;without fail;(2) sternly;severely;(P);
絹 [きぬ] ;(n) silk;(P);
厳しい [きびしい] ;(adj) severe;strict;stern;austere;grave;solemn;majestic;intense (cold);(P);
気分 [きぶん] ;(n) feeling;mood;(P);
決る [きまる] ;(io) (v5r) to be decided;to be settled;to look good in (clothes);
君 [きみ] ;(n,suf) Mr (junior);master;boy;(P);
決める [きめる] ;(v1) to decide;(P);
気持ち [きもち] ;(n) feeling;sensation;mood;(P);
着物 [きもの] ;(n) kimono;(P);
客 [きゃく] ;(n) guest;customer;(P);
急 [きゅう] ;(adj-na,n) (1) urgent;sudden;(2) steep;(P);
急行 [きゅうこう] ;(n) express (e.g. train that bypasses many stations);(P);
教育 [きょういく] ;(adj-no,n,vs) training;education;(P);
教会 [きょうかい] ;(n) church;(P);
競争 [きょうそう] ;(n,vs) competition;contest;(P);
興味 [きょうみ] ;(n) interest (in something);(P);
近所 [きんじょ] ;(n) neighbourhood;(P);
具合 [ぐあい] ;(n) condition;state;manner;health;(P);
空気 [くうき] ;(n) air;atmosphere;(P);
空港 [くうこう] ;(n) airport;(P);
草 [くさ] ;(n) grass;(P);
くださる ;(v5aru) (hon) to give;to confer;(P);
首 [くび] ;(n) neck;(P);
雲 [くも] ;(n) cloud;(P);
比べる [くらべる] ;(v1) to compare;(P);
くれる ;(v1) to get dark;to end;to come to an end;to close;to run out;(P);
暮れる [くれる] ;(v1) to get dark;to end;to come to an end;to close;to run out;(P);
~君 [~くん]
け [(髪の毛)] ;(n) hair;fur;(P);
け [(毛のセータ)] ;(n) hair;fur;(P);
計画 [けいかく] ;(n,vs) plan;project;schedule;scheme;program;(P);
警官 [けいかん] ;(n) policeman;(P);
経験 [けいけん] ;(n,vs) experience;(P);
経済 [けいざい] ;(n) economics;business;finance;economy;(P);
警察 [けいさつ] ;(n) police;(P);
けが ;(n,vs) injury (to animate object);hurt;(P);
景色 [けしき] ;(n) scenery;scene;landscape;(P);
下宿 [げしゅく] ;(n,vs) boarding;lodging;boarding house;(P);
決して [けっして] ;(adv) never;by no means;(P);
けれど ;(conj) but;however;(P);
けれども ;(conj,prt) but;however;(P);
~軒 [~けん]
原因 [げんいん] ;(n) cause;origin;source;(P);
けんか ;price of a cocoon;
研究 [けんきゅう] ;(n,vs) study;research;investigation;(P);
研究室 [けんきゅうしつ] ;(n) seminar room;laboratory;prof's office;
見物 [けんぶつ] ;(n) a sight;an attraction;something worth seeing;
子 [こ] ;(n) first sign of Chinese zodiac (The Rat, 11pm-1am, north, November);
御~ [ご~]
こう [(指示詞)] ;(n) box;
郊外 [こうがい] ;(n) suburb;outskirts;(P);
講義 [こうぎ] ;(n,vs) lecture;(P);
工業 [こうぎょう] ;(n) (manufacturing) industry;(P);
高校 [こうこう] ;(n) senior high school;(P);
高等学校 [こうとうがっこう] ;senior high school;(P);
高校生 [こうこうせい] ;(n) senior high school student;(P);
工場 [こうじょう] ;(n) factory;plant;mill;workshop;(P);
校長 [こうちょう] ;(n) principal;headmaster;(P);
交通 [こうつう] ;(n) communication;transportation;traffic;intercourse;(P);
講堂 [こうどう] ;(n) auditorium;(P);
公務員 [こうむいん] ;(n) government worker;public (civil) servant;(P);
国際 [こくさい] ;(n) international;(P);
心 [こころ] ;(n) core;heart;wick;marrow;(P);
故障 [こしょう] ;(n,vs) break-down;failure;accident;out of order;(P);
ご存じ [ごぞんじ] ;(n) knowing;acquaintance;(P);
答 [こたえ] ;(n) answer;response;(P);
ごちそう ;(n,vs) feast;treating (someone);
こっち ;(n) (1) (uk) this person;(2) this direction;(3) this side;(4) thereafter;(P);
こと ;(n) thing;matter;fact;circumstances;business;reason;experience;(P);
小鳥 [ことり] ;(n) small bird;(P);
このあいだ ;(n-adv) the other day;recently;lately;during this period;
このごろ ;these days;nowadays;
細かい [こまかい] ;(adj) (1) small;(2) fine;minute;(P);
ごみ ;(n) (uk) rubbish;trash;garbage;(P);
込む [こむ] ;(v5m) to be crowded;(P);
米 [こめ] ;(n) uncooked rice;(P);
これから ;(n-t) (uk) after this;(P);
怖い [こわい] ;(adj) scary;frightening;eerie;dreadful;(P);
壊す [こわす] ;(v5s,vt) to break;to break down;(P);
壊れる [こわれる] ;(v1,vi) to be broken;to break;(P);
コンサート ;(n) concert;(P);
今度 [こんど] ;(n-adv,n-t) now;this time;next time;another time;(P);
今夜 [こんや] ;(n-adv,n-t) this evening;tonight;(P);
最近 [さいきん] ;(adj-no,n-adv,n-t) latest;most recent;nowadays;(P);
最後 [さいご] ;(n) last;end;conclusion;(P);
最初 [さいしょ] ;(adj-no,n-adv,n-t) beginning;outset;first;onset;(P);
財布 [さいふ] ;(n) purse;wallet;(P);
探す [さがす] ;(v5s) to search;to seek;to look for;(P);
下る [さがる] ;(v5r) to get down;to descend;(P);
盛ん [さかん] ;(adj-na,n) popularity;prosperous;(P);
下げる [さげる] ;(v1) to hang;to lower;to move back;to wear;to dismiss;to grant;(P);
差し上げる [さしあげる] ;(v1) (pol) to give;to hold up;to lift up;to offer;(P);
さっき ;(n) thirst for blood;(P);
寂しい [さびしい] ;(adj) lonely;lonesome;solitary;desolate;
~様 [~さま]
さ来週 [さらいしゅう]
騒ぐ [さわぐ] ;(v5g) to make noise;to clamor;to be excited;to be alarmed;to kick up a fuss;to make merry;to be annoying;to be troublesome;to make a noise;(P);
触る [さわる] ;(v5r) to touch;to feel;(P);
サンダル ;(n) sandal;(P);
サンドイッチ ;(n) sandwich;(P);
残念 [ざんねん] ;(adj-na,n) deplorable;bad luck;regret;disappointment;(P);
字 [じ] ;(n) character;hand-writing;(P);
試合 [しあい] ;(n) match;game;bout;contest;(P);
仕方 [しかた] ;(n) way;method;means;resource;course;(P);
しかる ;(adj-pn) a particular;a certain;
~式 [~しき]
試験 [しけん] ;(n,vs) examination;test;study;(P);
事故 [じこ] ;(n) accident;incident;trouble;circumstances;reasons;(P);
地震 [じしん] ;(n) earthquake;(P);
時代 [じだい] ;(n-t) period;epoch;era;(P);
下着 [したぎ] ;(n) underwear;(P);
支度 [したく] ;(n,vs) preparation;(P);
しっかり ;(adj-na,adv,n) (uk) firmly;tightly;reliable;level-headed;steady;
失敗 [しっぱい] ;(adj-no,n,vs) failure;mistake;blunder;(P);
失礼 [しつれい] ;(adj-na,int,n,vs,exp) (1) discourtesy;impoliteness;(2) Excuse me;Goodbye;(P);
辞典 [じてん] ;(n) dictionary;(P);
品物 [しなもの] ;(n) goods;article;thing;(P);
しばらく ;(adv,int) little while;(P);
島 [しま] ;(n) island;(P);
しまう ;(v5u) (uk) to finish;to close;to do something completely;to put away;to put an end to;(P);
事務所 [じむしょ] ;(n) office;(P);
社会 [しゃかい] ;(n) society;public;(P);
社長 [しゃちょう] ;(n) company president;manager;director;(P);
じゃま ;(adj-na,n,vs) hindrance;intrusion;(P);
ジャム ;(n) jam;(P);
自由 [じゆう] ;(adj-na,exp,n) freedom;liberty;as it pleases you;(P);
習慣 [しゅうかん] ;(n) custom;habit;manners;(P);
住所 [じゅうしょ] ;(n) address (e.g. of house);residence;domicile;(P);
柔道 [じゅうどう] ;(n) judo;(P);
十分 [じゅうぶん] ;10 minutes;
出席 [しゅっせき] ;(n,vs) attendance;presence;(P);
出発 [しゅっぱつ] ;(n,vs) departure;(P);
趣味 [しゅみ] ;(n) hobby;tastes;preference;(P);
準備 [じゅんび] ;(n,vs) preparation;arrangements;provision;reserve;(P);
紹介 [しょうかい] ;(n,vs) introduction;(P);
正月 [しょうがつ] ;(n) New Year;New Year's Day;the first month;January;(P);
小学校 [しょうがっこう] ;(n) primary school;elementary school;(P);
小説 [しょうせつ] ;(n) novel;story;(P);
招待 [しょうたい] ;(n,vs) invitation;(P);
承知 [しょうち] ;(n,vs) consent;acceptance;assent;admitting;acknowledgment;compliance;agreement;awareness;(P);
将来 [しょうらい] ;(n-adv,n-t) future;prospects;(P);
食事 [しょくじ] ;(n,vs) meal;(P);
食料品 [しょくりょうひん] ;(n) foodstuff;groceries;(P);
女性 [じょせい] ;(n) woman;(P);
知らせる [しらせる] ;(v1) to notify;to advise;(P);
調べる [しらべる] ;(v1,vt) to investigate;to check up;(P);
人口 [じんこう] ;(n) (1) population;(2) common talk;(P);
神社 [じんじゃ] ;(n) Shinto shrine;(P);
親切 [しんせつ] ;(adj-na,n) kindness;gentleness;(P);
心配 [しんぱい] ;(adj-na,n,vs) worry;concern;anxiety;care;(P);
新聞社 [しんぶんしゃ] ;(n) newspaper company;(P);
水泳 [すいえい] ;(n,vs) swimming;(P);
水道 [すいどう] ;(n) water service;water supply;(P);
ずいぶん ;(adj-na,n-adv) extremely;(P);
数学 [すうがく] ;(n) mathematics;arithmetic;(P);
スーツケース ;(n) suitcase;(P);
過ぎる [すぎる] ;(v1,vi) to pass;to go beyond;to elapse;to exceed;(P);
すく [(おなかがすく)] ;(v5k) to be transparent;to leave a gap;(P);
すく [(すいた電車)] ;(v5k) to be transparent;to leave a gap;(P);
すくない ;(adj) few;a little;scarce;insufficient;seldom;(P);
すごい ;(adj) terrible;dreadful;terrific;amazing;great;wonderful;to a great extent;(P);
すっかり ;(adv) all;completely;thoroughly;(P);
すっと ;(adv,n) straight;quickly;directly;all of a sudden;quietly;gently;softly;(P);
ステレオ ;(n) stereo;(P);
捨てる [すてる] ;(v1) to throw away;to cast aside;to abandon;to resign;(P);
砂 [すな] ;(n) sand;grit;(P);
すばらしい ;(adj) wonderful;splendid;magnificent;(P);
すべる ;(v1) to control;to supervise;(P);
隅 [すみ] ;(n,n-suf) corner;nook;(P);
済む [すむ] ;(v5m) to finish;to end;to be completed;(P);
すり ;(n) pickpocket;(P);
すると ;(conj) thereupon;hereupon;(P);
~製 [~せい]
生活 [せいかつ] ;(n,vs) living;life (one's daily existence);livelihood;(P);
政治 [せいじ] ;(n) politics;government;(P);
西洋 [せいよう] ;(n) the west;Western countries;(P);
世界 [せかい] ;(n) the world;society;the universe;(P);
席 [せき] ;(n) seat;(P);
説明 [せつめい] ;(n,vs) explanation;exposition;(P);
背中 [せなか] ;(n) back (of body);(P);
ぜひ ;(adv,n) (uk) certainly;without fail;(P);
世話 [せわ] ;(n,vs) looking after;help;aid;assistance;(P);
線 [せん] ;(n,n-suf) line (also telephone, railway);wire;beam;(P);
ぜんぜん ;(adv) (1) wholly;entirely;completely;(2) not at all (with neg. verb);(P);
戦争 [せんそう] ;(n,vs) war;(P);
先輩 [せんぱい] ;(n) senior (at work or school);superior;elder;older graduate;progenitor;old-timer;(P);
専門 [せんもん] ;(n) speciality;subject of study;expert;(P);
そう [(指示詞)] ;destroy;
相談 [そうだん] ;(n,vs) consultation;discussion;(P);
育てる [そだてる] ;(v1,vt) to raise;to rear;to bring up;(P);
卒業 [そつぎょう] ;(n,vs) graduation;(P);
祖父 [そふ] ;(n) grandfather;(P);
祖母 [そぼ] ;(n) grandmother;(P);
それで ;(uk) and (conj);thereupon;because of that;(P);
それに ;(uk) besides;moreover;(P);
それほど ;(adv) (uk) to that degree;extent;(P);
そろそろ ;(n) gradually;steadily;quietly;slowly;soon;(P);
そんな ;(adj-na,adj-pn,adv,n) such;like that;that sort of;(P);
~代 [~だい]
退院 [たいいん] ;(n,vs) leaving hospital;(P);
大学生 [だいがくせい] ;(n) college student;(P);
大事 [だいじ] ;(adj-na,n) important;valuable;serious matter;(P);
だいたい ;(n) battalion;
タイプ ;(n) type;style;typing;(P);
だいぶ [(副詞)] ;(adv) considerably;greatly;a lot;(P);
台風 [たいふう] ;(n) typhoon;(P);
倒れる [たおれる] ;(v1,vi) to collapse;to break down;to go bankrupt;to fall;to drop;to die;to succumb to;to fall senseless;to be ruined;to have a bad debt;(P);
だから [(接続詞)] ;(conj,n) so;therefore;(P);
確か [たしか] ;(adj-na,adv,exp,n) certain;sure;definite;if I'm not mistaken;if I remember correctly;(P);
足す [たす] ;(v5s) to add (numbers);to do (e.g. one's business);(P);
訪ねる [たずねる] ;(v1) to visit;(P);
正しい [ただしい] ;(adj) right;just;correct;righteous;honest;truthful;proper;straightforward;perfect;(P);
畳 [たたみ] ;(n) tatami mat (Japanese straw floor coverings);(P);
立てる [たてる] ;(v1) to stand (something) up;to erect (something);(P);
建てる [たてる] ;(v1) to build;to construct;(P);
例えば [たとえば] ;(adv) for example;e.g.;(P);
棚 [たな] ;(n) shelves;rack;(P);
楽む [たのしむ]
たまに ;(adv,suf) occasionally;once in a while;(P);
ため ;(n) cesspool;sink;manure sink;
だめ ;(adj-na,n) useless;no good;hopeless;(P);
足りる [たりる] ;(v1) to be sufficient;to be enough;(P);
男性 [だんせい] ;(n) male;man;(P);
暖房 [だんぼう] ;(n) heating;(P);
血 [ち] ;(n) blood;consanguinity;(P);
小さな [ちいさな]
力 [ちから] ;(n-suf) strength;power;(P);
ちっとも ;(adv) not at all (neg. verb);(P);
注意 [ちゅうい] ;(n,vs) caution;being careful;attention (heed);warning;advice;(P);
中学校 [ちゅうがっこう] ;(n) junior high school;middle school pupil;(P);
注射 [ちゅうしゃ] ;(n,vs) injection;(P);
駐車場 [ちゅうしゃじょう] ;(n) parking lot;parking place;(P);
地理 [ちり] ;(n) geography;(P);
捕まえる [つかまえる] ;(v1) to catch;to arrest;to seize;(P);
つき [(月と太陽)] ;(n,n-suf) attached to;impression;sociality;appearance;furnished with;under;to;
~月 [~つき]
つく [(電灯がつく)] ;(v5k) to possess;to haunt;to attach to;
つける [(気をつける)] ;(v1,vt) (1) to attach;to join;to add;to append;to affix;to stick;to glue;to fasten;to sew on;to apply (ointment);(2) to furnish (a house with);(3) to wear;to put on;(4) to keep a diary;to make an entry;(5) to appraise;to set (a price);(6) to bring alongside;(7) to place (under guard or doctor);(8) to follow;to shadow;(9) to load;to give (courage to);(10) to keep (an eye on);(11) to establish (relations or understanding);(P);
漬ける [つける] ;(v1) to soak;to moisten;to pickle;(P);
都合 [つごう] ;(adv,n) circumstances;condition;convenience;(P);
伝える [つたえる] ;(v1) to convey;to report;to transmit;to communicate;to tell;to impart;to propagate;to teach;to bequeath;(P);
続く [つづく] ;(v5k,vi) to be continued;(P);
続ける [つづける] ;(v1,vt) to continue;to keep up;to keep on;(P);
包む [つつむ] ;(v5m) to be engulfed in;to be enveloped by;to wrap up;to tuck in;to pack;to do up;to cover with;to dress in;to conceal;(P);
妻 [つま] ;(n) (hum) wife;(P);
つもり ;(n) intention;plan;(P);
釣る [つる] ;(v5r) to fish;(P);
連れる [つれる] ;(v1) to lead;to take (a person);(P);
丁寧 [ていねい] ;(adj-na,n) polite;courteous;careful;care;kind;close;thorough;conscientious;(P);
テキスト ;(n) (1) text;(2) text book;(P);
適当 [てきとう] ;(adj-na,n) fitness;suitability;adequacy;relevance;(P);
できる [(銀行ができる)] ;(v1) (uk) to be able to;to be ready;to occur;(P);
できるだけ ;if at all possible;(P);
手伝う [てつだう] ;(v5u) to help;to assist;to take part in;(P);
テニスコート ;tennis court;(P);
手袋 [てぶくろ] ;(n) glove;(P);
寺 [てら] ;(n) temple;(P);
点 [てん] ;(n,n-suf) spot;mark;point;dot;(P);
店員 [てんいん] ;(n) shop assistant;employee;clerk;salesperson;(P);
天気予報 [てんきよほう] ;weather forecast;weather report;(P);
電灯 [でんとう] ;(n) electric light;(P);
電報 [でんぽう] ;(n) telegram;(P);
展覧会 [てんらんかい] ;(n) exhibition;(P);
道具 [どうぐ] ;(n) implement;tool;means;(P);
とうとう ;vast;calm;
動物園 [どうぶつえん] ;(n) zoo;zoological gardens;(P);
遠く [とおく] ;(adj-no,n-adv,n) far away;distant;at a distance;distant place;by far;(P);
通り [とおり] ;(n-suf) in accordance with ~;following ~;~ Street;~ Avenue;(P);
通る [とおる] ;(v5r) to pass (by);to go through;to walk along;to pass exams;(P);
特に [とくに] ;(adv) particularly;especially;(P);
特別 [とくべつ] ;(adj-na,adv,n) special;(P);
とこや ;(n) barber;(P);
年 [とし] ;(n-adv,n) year;age;(P);
途中 [とちゅう] ;(n-adv,n-t) on the way;en route;midway;(P);
特急 [とっきゅう] ;(n) limited express (train, faster than an express);(P);
どっち ;(n) (uk) which way;which one;(P);
届ける [とどける] ;(v1) to deliver;to forward;to send;to report;to file notice (to the authorities);(P);
泊まる [とまる] ;(v5r) to stay at (e.g. hotel);(P);
止める [とめる] ;(v1,vt) to end;to stop;to cease;to resign;(P);
取り替える [とりかえる] ;(v1) to exchange;to replace;(P);
泥棒 [どろぼう] ;(n,vs) thief;burglar;robber;theft;(P);
直す [なおす] ;(v5s,vt) to cure;to heal;to fix;to correct;to repair;(P);
直る [なおる] ;(v5r,vi) to be cured;to heal;to get mended;to get well;to be repaired;to be fixed;(P);
治る [なおる] ;(v5r,vi) to be cured;to heal;to get mended;to get well;to be repaired;to be fixed;(P);
なかなか ;(adv) (uk) very;considerably;easily;readily;by no means (neg);fairly;quite;highly;rather;(P);
泣く [なく] ;(v5k) to cry;to sing (bird);(P);
無くす [なくす] ;(v5s) to lose something;to get rid of;(P);
無くなる [なくなる] ;(v5r) to disappear;to get lost;(P);
亡くなる [なくなる] ;(v5r) to die;(P);
投げる [なげる] ;(v1) to throw;to cast away;(P);
なさる ;(v5aru) (hon) to do;(P);
なぜ ;(adv) (uk) why;how;(P);
鳴る [なる] ;(v5r) to sound;to ring;to resound;to echo;to roar;to rumble;(P);
なるべく ;(adv) as much as possible;(P);
なるほど ;(adv,exp) (uk) I see;That's right!;indeed;(P);
慣れる [なれる] ;(v1) to grow accustomed to;(P);
苦い [にがい] ;(adj) bitter;(P);
逃げる [にげる] ;(v1) to escape;to run away;(P);
日記 [にっき] ;(n) diary;journal;(P);
入院 [にゅういん] ;(n,vs) hospitalization;(P);
入学 [にゅうがく] ;(n) entry to school or university;matriculation;(P);
似る [にる] ;(v1) to resemble;to be similar;(P);
人形 [にんぎょう] ;(n) doll;puppet;figure;(P);
盗む [ぬすむ] ;(v5m) to steal;(P);
塗る [ぬる] ;(v5r) to paint;to plaster;to lacquer;to varnish;(P);
ぬれる ;(v1) to get wet;(P);
ねだん ;(n) price;cost;(P);
熱 [ねつ] ;(n,n-suf) fever;temperature;(P);
ねっしん ;(adj-na,n) zeal;enthusiasm;(P);
眠い [ねむい] ;(adj) (1) aestivation;estivation;(2) sleepy;drowsy;(P);
眠る [ねむる] ;(v5r) to sleep;(P);
残る [のこる] ;(v5r) to remain;to be left;(P);
のど ;(n) (uk) throat;(P);
乗り換える [のりかえる] ;(v1) to transfer (trains);to change (bus, train);(P);
乗り物 [のりもの] ;(n) vehicle;(P);
葉 [は] ;(n) leaf;(P);
場合 [ばあい] ;(n-adv,n) case;situation;(P);
倍 [ばい] ;(n,vi,vs,vt) twice;times;-fold;double;be doubled;increase;(P);
拝見 [はいけん] ;(n,vs) (hum) (pol) seeing;look at;(P);
歯医者 [はいしゃ] ;(n) dentist;(P);
運ぶ [はこぶ] ;(v5b) to transport;(P);
始める [はじめる] ;(v1,vt) to start;to begin;(P);
はず ;(n) it should be so;(P);
恥ずかしい [はずかしい] ;(adj) shy;ashamed;embarrassed;(P);
発音 [はつおん] ;(n,vs) pronunciation;(P);
はっきり ;(adv,n) clearly;plainly;distinctly;(P);
花見 [はなみ] ;(n,vs) cherry-blossom viewing;flower viewing;(P);
払う [はらう] ;(v5u) (1) to pay;(2) to brush;to wipe;(P);
番組 [ばんぐみ] ;(n) program (e.g. TV);(P);
反対 [はんたい] ;(adj-na,n,vs) opposition;resistance;antagonism;hostility;contrast;objection;dissension;reverse;opposite;vice versa;(P);
日 [ひ] ;(n-adv,n-t) sun;sunshine;day;(P);
火 [ひ] ;(n,n-suf) fire;flame;blaze;(P);
冷える [ひえる] ;(v1,vi) to grow cold;to get chilly;to cool down;(P);
引き出し [ひきだし] ;(n) drawer;drawing out;(P);
ひげ ;(n) moustache;beard;whiskers;
飛行場 [ひこうじょう] ;(n) airport;(P);
久しぶり [ひさしぶり] ;(exp) after a long time;(P);
美術館 [びじゅつかん] ;(n) art gallery;art museum;(P);
非常に [ひじょうに] ;(adv) very;extremely;exceedingly;(P);
引っ越す [ひっこす] ;(v5s) to move;to change residence;(P);
必要 [ひつよう] ;(adj-na,n) necessary;essential;indispensable;(P);
ひどい ;(adj) cruel;awful;severe;very bad;serious;terrible;heavy;violent;
開く [ひらく] ;(v5k) to open (e.g. a festival);(P);
ビル ;(n) (abbr) building;bill;(P);
昼間 [ひるま] ;(n-adv,n-t) daytime;during the day;(P);
昼休み [ひるやすみ] ;(n-adv,n-t) lunch break;noon recess;noon rest period;(P);
拾う [ひろう] ;(v5u) to pick up;to find;to gather;(P);
増える [ふえる] ;(v1,vi) to increase;to multiply;(P);
深い [ふかい] ;(adj) deep;profound;thick;close;(P);
複雑 [ふくざつ] ;(adj-na,n) complexity;complication;(P);
復習 [ふくしゅう] ;(n,vs) review;revision;(P);
普通 [ふつう] ;(adj-na,adj-no,adv,n) (1) generally;ordinarily;usually;(2) train that stops at every station;(P);
ぶどう ;(n) grapes;(P);
太る [ふとる] ;(v5r) to grow fat (stout, plump);to become fat;(P);
布団 [ふとん] ;(n) bedding (Japanese style);futon;(P);
舟 [ふね] ;(n) ship;boat;watercraft;shipping;vessel;steamship;(P);
船 [ふね] ;(n) ship;boat;watercraft;shipping;vessel;steamship;(P);
不便 [ふべん] ;(adj-na,n) inconvenience;inexpediency;unhandiness;(P);
踏む [ふむ] ;(v5m) to step on;to tread on;(P);
プレゼント ;(n) present;gift;(P);
文化 [ぶんか] ;(n) culture;civilization;(P);
文学 [ぶんがく] ;(n) literature;(P);
文法 [ぶんぽう] ;(n) grammar;(P);
べつに ;(adv) (not) particularly;nothing;(P);
ベル ;(n) bell (BEL);(P);
変 [へん] ;(adj-na,n) change;incident;disturbance;strange;flat (music);odd;peculiar;suspicious-looking;queer;eccentric;funny;(P);
返事 [へんじ] ;(n,vs) reply;answer;(P);
貿易 [ぼうえき] ;(n) trade (foreign);(P);
放送 [ほうそう] ;(n,vs) broadcast;broadcasting;(P);
法律 [ほうりつ] ;(n) law;(P);
僕 [ぼく] ;(n) (male) I;manservant;(P);
星 [ほし] ;(n) star;(P);
ほど ;(n) one's walking pace;
ほとんど ;(n-adv,n-t) mostly;almost;(P);
ほめる ;(v1) to praise;to admire;to speak well;
翻訳 [ほんやく] ;(n,vs) translation;de-encryption;deciphering;(P);
参る [まいる] ;(v5r) (1) (hum) to go;to come;to call;(2) to be defeated;to collapse;to die;(3) to be annoyed;to be nonplussed;(4) to be madly in love;(5) to visit (shrine, grave);(P);
負ける [まける] ;(v1) to lose;to be defeated;(P);
まじめ ;(adj-na,n) diligent;serious;honest;(P);
まず ;(adv) first (of all);to start with;about;almost;hardly (with neg. verb);anyway;well;now;(P);
または ;(conj,exp) or;otherwise;(P);
間違える [まちがえる] ;(v1) to err;to make a mistake;(P);
間に合う [まにあう] ;(v5u) (1) to be in time for;(2) to serve (suit, meet) the purpose;to be good enough;to be enough;(P);
周り [まわり] ;(n,n-suf) circumference;surroundings;circulation;(P);
回る [まわる] ;(v5r) to wander around;
漫画 [まんが] ;(n) comic;cartoon;(P);
真中 [まんなか] ;(n) middle;centre;mid-way;
見える [みえる] ;(v1) to be seen;to be in sight;to look;to seem;to appear;(P);
湖 [みずうみ] ;(n) lake;(P);
みそ [(みそ汁)] ;(n) (1) miso;bean paste;(2) key (main) point;(P);
見つかる [みつかる] ;(v5r) (uk) to be found;to be discovered;(P);
見つける [みつける] ;(v1) to be familiar;to discover;to find fault;to detect;to find out;to locate;(P);
緑 [みどり] ;(n) greenery;(P);
皆 [みな] ;(adv,n) all;everyone;everybody;(P);
港 [みなと] ;(n) harbour;port;(P);
迎える [むかえる] ;(v1) to go out to meet;to accept as a member of a group or family;(P);
昔 [むかし] ;(adj-no,n-adv,n-t) olden days;former;(P);
虫 [むし] ;(n) insect;(P);
息子 [むすこ] ;(n) (hum) son;(P);
娘 [むすめ] ;(n) (hum) daughter;(P);
村 [むら] ;(n) village;(P);
無理 [むり] ;(adj-na,n,vs) unreasonable;impossible;overdoing;(P);
~目 [~め]
召し上がる [めしあがる] ;(v5r) (pol) to eat;(P);
珍しい [めずらしい] ;(adj) unusual;rare;(P);
申し上げる [もうしあげる] ;(v1) to say;to tell;to state;(P);
申す [もうす] ;(v5s) (hum) to be called;to say;(P);
もし ;(n) sham examination;
戻る [もどる] ;(v5r) to turn back;to return;(P);
木綿 [もめん] ;(n) cotton;(P);
もらう ;(v5u) (uk) to receive;(P);
焼く [やく] ;(v5k) to bake;to grill;(P);
役に立つ [やくにたつ] ;(v5t) to be helpful;to be useful;(P);
約束 [やくそく] ;(n,vs) arrangement;promise;(P);
焼ける [やける] ;(v1,vi) to burn;to be roasted;to be sunburnt;(P);
優しい [やさしい] ;(adj) tender;kind;gentle;graceful;affectionate;amiable;suave;(P);
やせる ;(v1) to become thin;to lose weight;to reduce (one's) weight;to slim;
やっと ;(adv) at last;at length;(P);
やはり ;(adv,exp) (uk) also;as I thought;still;in spite of;absolutely;of course;(P);
やっぱり ;(adv,exp) (uk) also;as I thought;still;in spite of;absolutely;of course;(P);
やむ [(雨/風がやむ)] ;(v5m) to fall ill;to be ill;(P);
やめる [(たばこをやめる)] ;(v1) to retire;(P);
やる [(”あげる”の意味)] ;(v5r) (col) (uk) to do;to have sexual intercourse;to kill;to give (to inferiors, animals, etc.);to dispatch (a letter);to send;to study;to perform;to play (sports, game);to have (eat, drink, smoke);to row (a boat);to run or operate (a restaurant);
柔らかい [やわらかい] ;(adj) soft;tender;limp;(P);
湯 [ゆ] ;(n) hot water;(P);
夕飯 [ゆうはん] ;(n) evening meal;(P);
輸出 [ゆしゅつ] ;(n,vs) export;(P);
指 [ゆび] ;(n) finger;(P);
指輪 [ゆびわ] ;(n) (finger) ring;(P);
夢 [ゆめ] ;(n) dream;(P);
揺れる [ゆれる] ;(v1) to shake;to sway;(P);
用 [よう] ;(n,n-suf) task;business;use;(P);
用意 [ようい] ;(n,vs) preparation;(P);
用事 [ようじ] ;(n) tasks;things to do;(P);
汚れる [よごれる] ;(v1) to get dirty;to become dirty;(P);
予習 [よしゅう] ;(n,vs) preparation for a lesson;(P);
予定 [よてい] ;(n,vs) plans;arrangement;schedule;program;expectation;estimate;(P);
予約 [よやく] ;(n,vs) reservation;contract;subscription;booking;pledge;advance order;(P);
寄る [よる] ;(v5r) to visit;to drop in;to approach;(P);
喜ぶ [よろこぶ] ;(v5b) to be delighted;to be glad;(P);
よろしい ;(adj) (hon) good;OK;all right;fine;very well;will do;may;can;(P);
弱い [よわい] ;(adj) weak;frail;delicate;tender;unskilled;weak (wine);(P);
理由 [りゆう] ;(n) reason;pretext;motive;(P);
利用 [りよう] ;(n,vs) use;utilization;application;(P);
両方 [りょうほう] ;(n) both sides;both parties;(P);
旅館 [りょかん] ;(n) Japanese hotel;inn;(P);
留守 [るす] ;(n) absence;being away from home;(P);
歴史 [れきし] ;(n) history;(P);
連絡 [れんらく] ;(n,vs) junction;communication;contact;connection;coordination;(P);
沸かす [わかす] ;(v5s,vt) to boil;to heat;(P);
別れる [わかれる] ;(v1) to be divided;to part from;to separate;to bid farewell;(P);
沸く [わく] ;(v5k) to boil;to grow hot;to get excited;to gush forth;(P);
訳 [わけ] ;(n) (uk) meaning;reason;circumstances;can be deduced;situation;(P);
忘れ物 [わすれもの] ;(n) lost article;something forgotten;(P);
笑う [わらう] ;(v5u) to laugh;to smile;(P);
割合 [わりあい] ;(adv,n) (1) rate;ratio;percentage;proportion;(2) comparatively;(3) contrary to expectations;(P);
割れる [われる] ;(v1,vi) to break;to split;to cleave;to fissure;to be smashed;to crack;to be torn;(P);
勤める [つとめる] ;(v1) (1) to serve;to fill a post;to serve under;to work (for);(2) to exert oneself;to endeavor;to be diligent;(3) to play (the part of);(P);
つまらない ;(adj) (uk) insignificant;boring;trifling;(P);
冷たい [つめたい] ;(adj) cold (to the touch);chilly;icy;freezing;coldhearted;(P);
強い [つよい] ;(adj) strong;powerful;mighty;potent;(P);
手 [て] ;(n) hand;(P);
テープ ;(n) tape;(P);
テープレコーダー ;(n) tape recorder;(P);
テーブル ;(n) table;(P);
出かける [でかける] ;(v1) to depart;to go out (e.g. on an excursion or outing);to set out;to start;to be going out;
手紙 [てがみ] ;(n) letter;(P);
できる [(英語ができる)] ;(v1) (uk) to be able to;to be ready;to occur;(P);
出口 [でぐち] ;(n) exit;gateway;way out;outlet;leak;vent;(P);
テスト ;(n,vs) test;(P);
では [(感動詞)] ;(n) chance of going out;opportunity (to succeed);moment of departure;beginning of work;
デパート ;(n) (abbr) department store;(P);
でも ;(conj,prt) but;however;
出る [でる] ;(v1) to appear;to come forth;to leave;(P);
テレビ ;(n) television;TV;(P);
天気 [てんき] ;(n) weather;the elements;fine weather;(P);
電気 [でんき] ;(n) electricity;(electric) light;(P);
電車 [でんしゃ] ;(n) electric train;(P);
電話 [でんわ] ;(n,vs) telephone;(P);
戸 [と] ;(n) door (Japanese style);(P);
~度 [~ど]
ドア ;(n) door (Western style);(P);
トイレ ;(n) toilet;restroom;bathroom;lavatory;(P);
どう [(副詞)] ;child;servant;foolishness;
どうして ;(adv,int) (uk) why?;for what reason;how;in what way;for what purpose;what for;(P);
どうぞ ;(adv) please;kindly;by all means;(P);
動物 [どうぶつ] ;(n) animal;(P);
どうも ;(adv,int) (abbr) thanks;how;(very) much;very;quite;really;somehow;no matter how hard one may try;(P);
十 [とお] ;(num) 10;ten;(P);
遠い [とおい] ;(adj) far;distant;(P);
十日 [とおか] ;ten days;the tenth (day of the month);(P);
時々 [ときどき] ;(adv,n) sometimes;(P);
時計 [とけい] ;(n) watch;clock;(P);
どこ ;(n) (uk) where;what place;(P);
所 [ところ] ;(n) place;(P);
図書館 [としょかん] ;(n) library;(P);
どちら ;(n) (uk) which (of two);who;(P);
とても ;(adv) (uk) very;awfully;exceedingly;(P);
どなた ;(n) (uk) who?;(P);
隣 [となり] ;(n) next to;next door to;(P);
どの [(どの人)] ;(pol) person;Mister (mostly in addressing someone on an envelope);Mr;(P);
飛ぶ [とぶ] ;(v5b) to jump;to fly;to leap;to spring;to bound;to hop;(P);
止まる [とまる] ;(v5r) to come to a halt;(P);
友達 [ともだち] ;(n) friend;(P);
土曜日 [どようび] ;(n-adv,n) Saturday;(P);
鳥 [とり] ;(n) bird;fowl;poultry;(P);
鳥肉 [とりにく] ;(n) chicken meat;
取る [とる] ;(v5r) to take;to pick up;to harvest;to earn;to choose;(P);
撮る [とる] ;(v5r) to take (a photo);to make (a film);(P);
どれ ;(n) (uk) well;now;let me see;which (of three or more);(P);
どんな ;(adj-na,adj-pn,n) what;what kind of;(P);
ない ;(adj) there isn't;doesn't have;(P);
ナイフ ;(n) knife;(P);
中 [なか] ;(n) inside;middle;among;(P);
長い [ながい] ;(adj) long;(P);
鳴く [なく] ;(v5k) to bark;to purr;to make sound (animal);(P);
夏 [なつ] ;(n-adv,n-t) summer;(P);
夏休み [なつやすみ] ;(n) summer vacation;summer holiday;(P);
七つ [ななつ] ;(n) seven;(P);
何 [なに] ;(int,n) what;(P);
何 [なん] ;(int,n) what;(P);
七日 [なのか] ;(n-adv) seven days;the seventh day (of the month);(P);
名前 [なまえ] ;(n) name;(P);
習う [ならう] ;(v5u) to learn;(P);
並ぶ [ならぶ] ;(v5b,vi) to line up;to stand in a line;(P);
並べる [ならべる] ;(v1,vt) to line up;to set up;(P);
なる [(春になる)] ;(v5r) to sound;to ring;to resound;to echo;to roar;to rumble;(P);
二 [に] ;(num) two;(P);
にぎやか ;(adj-na,n) bustling;busy;(P);
肉 [にく] ;(n) meat;(P);
西 [にし] ;(n) west;(P);
~日 [~にち]
日曜日 [にちようび] ;(n-adv,n) Sunday;(P);
荷物 [にもつ] ;(n) luggage;(P);
ニュース ;(n) news;(P);
庭 [にわ] ;(n) garden;(P);
~人 [~にん]
脱ぐ [ぬぐ] ;(v5g) to take off clothes;(P);
ネクタイ ;(n) tie;necktie;(P);
寝る [ねる] ;(v1) to go to bed;to lie down;to sleep;(P);
~年 [~ねん]
ノート ;(n) notebook;copy-book;exercise book;(P);
登る [のぼる] ;(v5r) to climb;(P);
飲み物 [のみもの] ;(n) drink;beverage;(P);
飲む [のむ] ;(v5m) to drink;(P);
乗る [のる] ;(v5r) (1) to get on;to ride in;to board;to mount;to get up on;to spread (paints);to be taken in;(2) to share in;to join;to be found in (a dictionary);to feel like doing;to be mentioned in;to be in harmony with;(P);
歯 [は] ;(n) tooth;(P);
パーティー ;(n) party;(P);
はい [(感動詞)] ;wear;put on (sword);
~杯 [~はい]
灰皿 [はいざら] ;(n) ashtray;(P);
入る [はいる] ;(v5r) to enter;to break into;to join;to enroll;to contain;to hold;to accommodate;to have (an income of);(P);
葉書 [はがき] ;(n) postcard;(P);
はく [(ズボンをはく、] 靴をはく) ;(v5k) to wear;to put on (a sword);
箱 [はこ] ;(n) box;(P);
橋 [はし] ;(n) bridge;(P);
はし [(はしで御飯を食べる)] ;(n) chopsticks;(P);
始まる [はじまる] ;(v5r,vi) to begin;(P);
初めに [はじめに]
初めて [はじめて] ;(adv,n) for the first time;(P);
走る [はしる] ;(v5r) to run;(P);
バス ;(n) (1) bus;(2) bath;(3) bass;(P);
バター ;(n) butter;(P);
二十歳 [はたち] ;(n) 20 years old;20th year;(P);
働く [はたらく] ;(v5k) to work;to labor;to do;to act;to commit;to practise;to work on;to come into play;to be conjugated;to reduce the price;(P);
八 [はち] ;(num) eight;
二十日 [はつか] ;(n) twenty days;twentieth (day of the month);(P);
花 [はな] ;(n) flower;(P);
鼻 [はな] ;(n) nose;(P);
話 [はなし] ;(io) (n) talk;speech;chat;story;conversation;(P);
話す [はなす] ;(v5s) to speak;(P);
母 [はは] ;(n) (hum) mother;(P);
早い [はやい] ;(adj) early;(P);
速い [はやい] ;(adj) quick;fast;swift;(P);
春 [はる] ;(n-adv,n-t) spring;(P);
はる [(切手をはる)] ;(v5r) to stick;to paste;(P);
晴れる [はれる] ;(v1) to be sunny;to clear away;to stop raining;(P);
半 [はん] ;(n-adv,n,n-suf) half;(P);
晩 [ばん] ;(n-adv,n-t) evening;(P);
~番 [~ばん]
パン ;(pt:) (n) (1) bread (pt: pan);(2) panning;(P);
ハンカチ ;(n) handkerchief;(P);
番号 [ばんごう] ;(n) number;series of digits;(P);
晩御飯 [ばんごはん] ;(n) dinner;evening meal;
半分 [はんぶん] ;half minute;
東 [ひがし] ;(n) east;(P);
~匹 [~ひき]
引く [ひく] ;(v5k) minus;to pull;to play (string instr.);(P);
弾く [ひく] ;(v5k) to play (piano, guitar);(P);
低い [ひくい] ;(adj) short;low;humble;low (voice);(P);
飛行機 [ひこうき] ;(n) aeroplane;(P);
左 [ひだり] ;(n) left hand side;(P);
人 [ひと] ;(n) man;person;human being;mankind;people;character;personality;true man;man of talent;adult;other people;messenger;visitor;(P);
一つ [ひとつ] ;(n) one;(P);
一月 [ひとつき] ;one month;(P);
一人 [ひとり] ;(n) one person;(P);
暇 [ひま] ;(adj-na,n) (1) free time;leisure;leave;spare time;(2) farewell;
百 [ひゃく] ;(num) 100;hundred;(P);
病院 [びょういん] ;(n) hospital;(P);
病気 [びょうき] ;(n) illness;disease;sickness;(P);
平仮名 [ひらがな] ;(n) hiragana;47 syllables;the cursive syllabary;(P);
昼 [ひる] ;(n-adv,n-t) noon;daytime;(P);
昼御飯 [ひるごはん] ;(n) lunch;midday meal;
広い [ひろい] ;(adj) spacious;vast;wide;(P);
フィルム ;(n) film (roll of);(P);
封筒 [ふうとう] ;(n) envelope;(P);
プール ;(n) swimming pool;(P);
フォーク ;(n) folk;fork;(P);
吹く [ふく] ;(v5k) (1) to blow (wind, etc);(2) to emit;to spout;(P);
服 [ふく] ;(n,n-suf) clothes;(P);
二つ [ふたつ] ;(n) two;(P);
豚肉 [ぶたにく] ;(n) pork;(P);
二人 [ふたり] ;(n) two persons;two people;pair;couple;(P);
二日 [ふつか] ;(n) second day of the month;two days;(P);
太い [ふとい] ;(adj) fat;thick;(P);
冬 [ふゆ] ;(n-adv,n-t) winter;(P);
降る [ふる] ;(v5r) to precipitate;to fall (e.g. rain);(P);
古い [ふるい] ;(adj) old (not person);aged;ancient;antiquated;stale;threadbare;outmoded;obsolete article;(P);
ふろ ;(n) bath;(P);
~分 [~ふん]
パージ ;(n) purge;(P);
下手 [へた] ;(adj-na,n) unskillful;poor;awkward;(P);
ベッド ;(n) bed;(P);
部屋 [へや] ;(n) room;(P);
辺 [へん] ;(n) area;vicinity;(P);
ペン ;(n) pen;P.E.N. (club);(P);
勉強 [べんきょう] ;(n,vs) study;diligence;discount;reduction;(P);
便利 [べんり] ;(adj-na,n) convenient;handy;useful;(P);
ほう [(比較を表す)] ;divide;
帽子 [ぼうし] ;(n) hat;(P);
ボールペン ;(n) ball-point pen;(P);
外 [ほか] ;(n) other place;the rest;(P);
ポケット ;(n) pocket;(P);
欲しい [ほしい] ;(adj) wanted;wished for;in need of;desired;(P);
細い [ほそい] ;(adj) thin;slender;fine;(P);
ボタン ;(pt:) (n) button (pt: bota~o);(P);
ホテル ;(n) hotel;(P);
本 [ほん] ;(n,n-suf,n-t) (1) origin;original;(P);
~本 [~ほん]
本棚 [ほんだな] ;(n) bookshelves;(P);
ほんとうに ;(adv) really;truly;(P);
~枚 [~まい]
毎朝 [まいあさ] ;(n-adv,n-t) every morning;
毎月 [まいげつ] ;(n-adv,n) every month;each month;monthly;(P);
毎月 [まいつき] ;(n-adv,n) every month;each month;monthly;(P);
毎週 [まいしゅう] ;(n-adv,n-t) every week;(P);
毎日 [まいにち] ;(n-adv,n-t) every day;(P);
毎年 [まいねん] ;(n-t) every year;yearly;annually;(P);
毎年 [まいとし] ;(n-t) every year;yearly;annually;(P);
毎晩 [まいばん] ;(n-adv,n-t) every night;(P);
前 [まえ] ;(n-adv,n-t,suf) (1) before;in front;fore part;ago;previously;(2) head (of a line);(3) in the presence of;lady (so-and-so);(4) (five minutes) to;(5) helping;portion;(P);
~前 [~まえ]
曲る [まがる]
まずい ;(adj) (uk) unappetising;unpleasant (taste, appearance, situation);ugly;unskilful;awkward;bungling;unwise;untimely;(P);
また ;(adv,conj,n) again;and;(P);
まだ ;(adv) yet;still;more;besides;(P);
町 [まち] ;(n) (1) town;(2) street;road;(P);
待つ [まつ] ;(v5t) to wait;(P);
まっすぐ ;(adj-na,adv,n) straight (ahead);direct;upright;erect;honest;frank;
マッチ ;(n) match;(P);
窓 [まど] ;(n) window;(P);
丸い [まるい] ;(adj) round;circular;spherical;(P);
円い [まるい] ;(adj) round;circular;spherical;(P);
万 [まん] ;(adv,num) 10,000;ten thousand;myriads;all;everything;
万年筆 [まんねんひつ] ;(n) fountain pen;(P);
磨く [みがく] ;(v5k) to polish;to shine;to brush;to refine;to improve;(P);
右 [みぎ] ;(n) right hand side;(P);
短い [みじかい] ;(adj) short;(P);
水 [みず] ;(n) water;(P);
店 [みせ] ;(n,n-suf) store;shop;establishment;(P);
見せる [みせる] ;(v1) to show;to display;(P);
道 [みち] ;(n) road;street;way;method;(P);
三日 [みっか] ;(n) three days;the third day (of the month);(P);
三つ [みっつ] ;(n) three;(P);
皆さん [みなさん] ;(n) everyone;(P);
南 [みなみ] ;(n,vs) South;proceeding south;(P);
耳 [みみ] ;(n) ear;(P);
見る [みる] ;(v1) to see;to watch;(P);
みんな ;(adv,n) all;everyone;everybody;(P);
六日 [むいか] ;six days;sixth (day of month);(P);
向こう [むこう] ;(n) beyond;over there;opposite direction;the other party;(P);
難しい [むずかしい] ;(adj) difficult;(P);
六つ [むっつ] ;(num) six;
目 [め] ;(n) eye;eyeball;(P);
メートル ;metre (meter) (old form);
眼鏡 [めがね] ;(n) spectacles;glasses;(P);
もう [(もう、帰りました)] ;net;
もう [(もう一度)] ;net;
木曜日 [もくようび] ;(n-adv,n) Thursday;(P);
もしもし ;(conj,int) hello (on phone);(P);
もちろん ;(adv) (uk) of course;certainly;naturally;(P);
持つ [もつ] ;(v5t) (1) to hold;to carry;(2) to possess;(P);
もっと ;(adv) more;longer;farther;(P);
物 [もの] ;(n) thing;object;(P);
門 [もん] ;(n,n-suf) gate;(P);
問題 [もんだい] ;(n) problem;question;(P);
~屋 [~や]
八百屋 [やおや] ;(n) greengrocer;(P);
野菜 [やさい] ;(n) vegetable;(P);
易しい [やさしい] ;(adj) easy;plain;simple;(P);
安い [やすい] ;(adj) cheap;inexpensive;peaceful;quiet;gossipy;thoughtless;(P);
休み [やすみ] ;(n) (1) rest;recess;respite;(2) vacation;holiday;absence;suspension;(3) moulting;(P);
休む [やすむ] ;(v5m,vi) to rest;to have a break;to take a day off;to be finished;to be absent;to retire;to sleep;(P);
八つ [やっつ] ;(num) eight;
山 [やま] ;(n) (1) mountain;(2) pile;heap;(3) climax;critical point;(P);
やる [(仕事をやる)] ;(v5r) (col) (uk) to do;to have sexual intercourse;to kill;to give (to inferiors, animals, etc.);to dispatch (a letter);to send;to study;to perform;to play (sports, game);to have (eat, drink, smoke);to row (a boat);to run or operate (a restaurant);
夕方 [ゆうがた] ;(n-adv,n-t) evening;(P);
郵便局 [ゆうびんきょく] ;(n) post office;(P);
ゆうべ [(’昨晩’の意)] ;(n) evening;
有名 [ゆうめい] ;(adj-na,n) fame;(P);
雪 [ゆき] ;(n) snow;(P);
ゆっくり ;(adv,n) slowly;at ease;(P);
八日 [ようか] ;(n) eight days;the eighth (day of the month);(P);
洋服 [ようふく] ;(n) Western-style clothes;(P);
よく [(ようく行きます)] ;(adv,n,vs) nicely;properly;well;skilled in;
よく [(よくできました)] ;(adv,n,vs) nicely;properly;well;skilled in;
横 [よこ] ;(n) beside;side;width;(P);
四日 [よっか] ;(n) (1) 4th day of month;(2) four days;(P);
四つ [よっつ] ;(n) four;(P);
呼ぶ [よぶ] ;(v5b) to call out;to invite;(P);
読む [よむ] ;(v5m) to read;(P);
夜 [よる] ;(n-adv,n-t) evening;night;(P);
来月 [らいげつ] ;(n-adv,n-t) next month;(P);
来週 [らいしゅう] ;(n-adv,n-t) next week;(P);
来年 [らいねん] ;(n-adv,n-t) next year;(P);
ラジオ ;(n) radio;(P);
りっぱ ;(adj-na,n) splendid;fine;handsome;elegant;imposing;prominent;legal;legitimate;(P);
留学生 [りゅうがくせい] ;(n) overseas student;(P);
両親 [りょうしん] ;(n) parents;both parents;(P);
料理 [りょうり] ;(n,vs) cooking;cookery;cuisine;(P);
旅行 [りょこう] ;(n,vs) travel;trip;(P);
零 [れい] ;(n) zero;nought;(P);
冷蔵庫 [れいぞうこ] ;(n) refrigerator;(P);
レコード ;(n) record;(P);
レストラン ;(n) restaurant;(P);
練習 [れんしゅう] ;(n,vs) practice;(P);
六 [ろく] ;(num) six;(P);
ワイシャツ ;(n) shirt (lit: white shirt);business shirt;(P);
若い [わかい] ;(adj) young;(P);
分る [わかる] ;(io) (v5r) to be understood;
忘れる [わすれる] ;(v1) to forget;to leave carelessly;to be forgetful of;to forget about;to forget (an article);(P);
私 [わたくし] ;(adj-no,n) I;myself;private affairs;(P);
わたし ;(n) ferry (crossing);ferry(boat);(also suffix) delivery;
渡す [わたす] ;(v5s) to pass over;to hand over;(P);
渡る [わたる] ;(v5r) to cross over;to go across;(P);
悪い [わるい] ;(adj) bad;inferior;(P);